What is a retrofit?

If you are a vintage car lover, if you are concerned about the environment, retrofit is the solution you need. Stations-e invites you to discover this solution.

 The principle of retrofit

Its principle is very simple, the engine, the tanks and the exhaust pipe are replaced by an electric motorization powered by a battery or by a fuel cell (PAC) running on hydrogen. In a context where the most polluting cars will be progressively banned from the road, retrofitting offers you the possibility to continue to enjoy your vehicle without polluting.


The advantages of retrofitting 

In love with your car, you no longer need to part with it to be able to continue driving, without feeling guilty about the environment. Simply make your vehicle clean with a retrofit.

According to a study by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) published in 2022, internal combustion vehicles still account for 87% of our fleet. This is a fleet that will have to be converted to meet the commitments of the LOM law. Replacing the engine of your vehicle is ultimately easier and more sober than producing a new car.

The legal point of view

On the legal side, since 2020 the requalification and approval of your vehicle is simplified. Moreover, with this solution, you will be eligible for the government’s conversion bonus. The only criterion to be eligible for the retrofit? Your vehicle must be more than 5 years old but not a collector’s vehicle (first registration more than 30 years old).

The brakes on retrofitting

However, the retrofit is not yet very developed which is explained on the one hand by the high price of the engine change but also by the standards imposed by the state. Indeed, the electric motor must offer a power between 65% and 100% of the original motor, as for the weight, it must not exceed the 20% of the original, which greatly limits the autonomy of retrofitted vehicles. Nevertheless, more and more manufacturers of mythical models offer to retrofit their vehicles.

Here you are informed about retrofitting, this solution that allows to transform a thermal vehicle into a clean vehicle. See you soon in our Stations-e recharging stations with your retrofitted vehicles!