The Municipality of Merlimont hosts the multi-service stations of Stations-e with fast charging stations.

Stations-e strengthens its territorial network on the Opal Coast
and thus contributes to the development of Electric Mobility in France.

Stations-e, founded in 2018 by Alain Rolland, is a leading operator of sustainable mobility in France. It contributes to a coherent network of territories by deploying both in private and public spaces, connected multi-service stations integrating fast charging stations.

Every day, Stations-e is improving access to recharging services with reliable infrastructures that are adapted to users’ needs.

These stations can be integrated into the local ecosystem, hosting other services such as car-sharing, smart city, video surveillance, or connected lockers…

Stations-e has a unique business model that allows it to finance each of its stations with its own funds. The Banque des Territoires, which holds a stake in Stations-e, is supporting these investments.

Stations-e: new-generation, connected, multi-service recharging stations

The Stations-e concept has been imagined as a service platform, a piece of street furniture capable of adapting to demand, hosting and supervising numerous services. The idea is simple: on the same piece of street furniture, it offers charging stations for electric vehicles, energy storage, connectivity infrastructures giving access to high-speed Internet and complementary services such as car-sharing stations, surveillance cameras, lockers, etc.

Take charge of civil engineering and management without calling on local authorities’ budgets

The Stations-e solution is based on the principle of a virtuous model: a network of stations financed by industrial revenues and services that create economic activity and local employment (energy, telecoms, deliveries, local services, car-sharing, media/cloud…). Stations-e relies on partnerships involving national and local companies, both for implementation and operation, and for services. Thanks to its business model, Stations-e invests its own funds in the supply, installation, operation and maintenance of the infrastructure. “We have created a model that responds to today’s global challenges. Our service platform has been designed to create growth areas for manufacturers, startups and SMEs in the digital sector as well as in the local services sector”, explains Alain Rolland, its founder.

The Municipality of Merlimont hosts Stations-e’s multi-service stations

3 multi-service stations with fast charging stations are installed in the commune.

During the redevelopment of its town center, the town of Merlimont wanted to contribute to the development of electric vehicles on its territory by facilitating the implementation of a recharging service open to its citizens, its businesses, and the many tourists who come to visit the coastline.

Stations-e, which acts as a third party investor, has been chosen to provide this service.

Location of the Stations
Place de la Haye    
Parking P2 –  Stade     
Place du Commerce 


Place de la Haye

177, Rue Auguste Biblocq

11, Rue de la station


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About Stations-e

Founded in 2018 by Alain Rolland and executives coming from large groups and startups, Stations-e positions itself as a sustainable mobility operator. It deploys multi-service, connected charging stations in the heart of cities and businesses, taking care of the supply, deployment, operation and maintenance of the stations. The company aims to help improve the environmental impact of mobility and to create an environment conducive to innovation by hosting services that require a coherent and open infrastructure. It intends to promote the adoption of electric transportation by making it more accessible, reliable and attractive.