irst Stations-e of the Oise are installed in the town of Beauvais!

This is an important first step for the Beauvaisis, which will eventually host some 30 stations.

Founded in 2018 by Alain Rolland, Stations-e is positioned as a sustainable mobility operator. It offers multi-service and connected charging stations in public and private spaces. These stations promote the adoption of electric transport by making it more accessible, more reliable and more attractive. A first batch of 8 Stations-e will be inaugurated in Beauvais on July 1st. Stations-e was able to implement a local fast charging solution in just a few weeks without costing the community a single euro. The company is aiming to deploy some thirty stations throughout the Beauvais area before the end of the year.


Stations-e: new-generation, connected, multi-service recharging stations

The Stations-e concept has been imagined as a service platform, a piece of street furniture capable of adapting to demand, hosting and supervising numerous services. The idea is simple: on the same piece of street furniture, it offers charging stations for electric vehicles, energy storage, connectivity infrastructures giving access to high-speed Internet and complementary services such as car-sharing stations, surveillance cameras, lockers…

Civil engineering and management without calling on the budget of local authorities

The Stations-e solution is based on the principle of a virtuous model: a network of stations financed by industrial revenues and services that create economic activity and local employment (energy, telecoms, deliveries, local services, car-sharing, media/cloud…). Stations-e relies on partnerships involving national and local companies, both for implementation and operation, and for services. Thanks to its business model, Stations-e invests its own funds in the supply, installation, operation and maintenance of the infrastructure. “We have created a model that responds to today’s global challenges. Our service platform has been designed to create growth areas for industrial companies, but also for startups and SMEs, in the digital sector as well as in local services”, explains Alain Rolland, its founder.

A first phase of 8 Stations-e inaugurated on July 1!

This is an important first step for the city of Beauvais and the Beauvaisis Agglomeration. On Friday, July 1, in the presence of the Mayor, Caroline Cayeux, Stations-e will inaugurate a first tranche of 8 stations. They will be quickly joined by a second tranche of 8 other stations in the coming weeks. The goal will be to install at least 30 stations throughout the Beauvaisis area by the end of the year.

This project will allow Stations-e to deploy the full potential of its business model in this new territory. In just a few weeks, the company was able to implement a fast charging solution without costing the community a single euro. These stations, with a recharging power of 24 kW, allow any type of electric vehicle to recover up to 150 km of autonomy in 1 hour for less than 8€, which is less than half the price of gasoline. Thanks to the Stations-e concept, connected lockers will be added to the terminals in the coming months to help merchants develop their business model.

An ambitious project for the Hauts de France region

To meet the region’s needs in the coming years, Stations-e aims to invest in a network of 1,000 stations by 2025, with a program of 100 stations starting this year. Local authorities are invited to express their interest as soon as possible. The promise is that private investment will be independent of the budgets and expenses of local authorities or private companies. The Stations-e economic model will also generate employment, with one station installed being equivalent to one permanent job, thanks to several growth pillars including electric transport, information and telecommunication technologies and local services.

At the national level, Stations-e aims to deploy 550 sites this year (and more than 1000 negotiated sites). This is the first significant acceleration of its investments, with the stated objective of creating a network of 10,000 sites by 2027.

About Stations-e

Founded in 2018 by Alain Rolland and executives from major groups and startups, Stations-e positions itself as a sustainable mobility operator. It deploys multi-service, connected charging stations in the heart of cities and businesses, taking care of the supply, deployment, operation and maintenance of the stations. The company aims to help improve the environmental impact of mobility and to create an environment conducive to innovation by hosting services that require a coherent and open infrastructure. It intends to promote the adoption of electric transportation by making it more accessible, reliable and attractive.