Installation of multi-service charging stations in Combs-la-Ville

This is an important first step for the municipality of Combs-la-Ville, which will eventually host several multi-service charging stations.

Stations-e is positioned as a creator of sustainable mobility and a local player. We offer multi-service and connected charging stations in public and private spaces. These stations promote the adoption of electric transport by making it more accessible, more reliable and more attractive. A first tranche of 4 Stations-e will be inaugurated at the end of November. Stations-e was able to implement a local fast charging solution in just a few weeks without costing the community a single euro.


Stations-e: new-generation, connected, multi-service recharging stations

The Stations-e concept, a French company based in Boussy-Saint-Antoine (91), is investing and setting up in the Territories with the aim of deploying 10,000 multi-service fast charging stations in France and Europe by 2027. More than just charging stations for electric vehicles, our stations integrate multiple services giving access to high-speed internet, energy and other services to come.


25kW charging stations compatible with all types of vehicles and accessible 24/7

These stations, with a recharging power of 24 kW, allow any type of electric vehicle to recover up to 150 km of autonomy in 1 hour for less than 8€, which is less than half the price of gasoline.

Where to find the recharging stations in Combs-la-Ville?

  • Place de l’an 2000
  • L’Abreuvoir
  • La Coupole – Conservatory and swimming pool
  • Saint-Vincent Church – MJC
  • l’Ecopôle (24kW)

Order your e-Card, it’s free!

To recharge your vehicle, simply order an e-Card on the website This card will give you access to our network and will accompany you to the charging stations of all the networks you will find in the city, in the region or on the highway.


Don’t forget to download our application: Stations-e – charging stations

Thanks to this application, you can have a map of all our stations and see in real time if they are available, plan your trips and optimize your travels.

If you have any questions, contact us at, our teams will be happy to assist you on a daily basis in all your journeys to make our services and innovations your reference for intelligent and sustainable mobility!