Stations-e supports municipalities by providing electric charging stations that don’t rely on public funds. We deploy a sustainable mobility network that is financed by other services with high added value or greater maturity, like 4G/5G high-speed internet. Our business model also includes other new services, some of them incorporating blockchain (energy, telecom, media/cloud…).

Stations-e fosters the evolution toward electric transportation by making it more accessible, more reliable and more attractive. Our solution helps reduce the environmental impact of mobility, create a context favorable to innovation, and support services that require an open, coherent infrastructure. Stations-e also promotes synergies and partnerships between businesses.

Advantages for the ecosystem


Deployment of charging facilities in accordance with government guidelines
Better mobile coverage and high-speed mobile access in addition to fiber
Satisfaction of community’s needs & expectations


Electric vehicle infrastructure, with advantageous conditions for local inhabitants
Improved mobile coverage and access to high-speed mobile


Electric charging stations for employees and visitors
Improved mobile coverage and quality of service

Telecom carriers:

Optimized network quality
Accelerated deployment and easier achievement of coverage/high-speed commitments
Preparation for 5G deployment