Plug and Charge: Everything you need to know about this new electric vehicle charging technology

Chargement voiture éléctrique

Electric cars are rapidly gaining popularity on our roads. However, charging these vehicles can seem complex for novices. Fortunately, a new feature called “plug and charge” is emerging to simplify the process. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of plug and charge, understand how it works and explore the benefits of this technology for electric car owners.


What is plug and charge?

Plug and charge is a revolutionary feature in the world of electric vehicles and charging infrastructures. Its aim is to make the process of starting a vehicle battery charging session as simple as possible. All you have to do is plug the cable into your car, and charging will start automatically between your vehicle and the charging point. This innovation eliminates the need for manual identification and payment, making for a simpler, smoother customer experience.

How does plug and charge work?

Plug and charge is based on secure communication protocols that establish mutual recognition between the electric vehicle, the charging point and the associated means of payment. This automatic identification method uses encrypted certificates with two identification factors. Firstly, a specific identification number supplied by the vehicle manufacturer, then a contract identifier with a mobility operator authorised to use plug and charge compatible charging points.


Once the certificates have been issued, they can be used to check the authenticity and integrity of the data during the connection between the vehicle and the charging point. In addition, they guarantee the confidentiality of the information during transmission by encrypting and decrypting the data. This secure approach ensures a reliable recharging experience and protects user confidentiality.

The benefits of plug and charge for electric car owners

Despite its technical complexity, Plug and Charge simplifies the use of charging points to the bare minimum thanks to its secure, automatic identification system. All you have to do is plug in your car and it will charge, eliminating the need for additional steps. What’s more, this technology prevents billing fraud, ensuring greater transparency and reliability.


In conclusion, plug and charge represents a major advance in the ecosystem of electric vehicles and charging infrastructures. This revolutionary functionality considerably simplifies the recharging process by eliminating manual identification and payment steps. Using secure communication protocols, plug and charge enables mutual recognition between the vehicle, the charging point and the associated means of payment, guaranteeing a smooth, secure and convenient experience for electric car owners. By reducing barriers and preventing fraud, this technology paves the way for wider adoption of electric vehicles by offering simplified and reliable charging. With plug and charge, the future of electric mobility looks bright and accessible to all.


See you soon on the roads.

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