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A network adapted to your daily needs!

A Stations-e is a connected multi-service station!

We offer recharging services for all your electro mobile equipment: car, bike, scooter…and promote the use of electric transport by making it more accessible,  reliable, and attractive


Stations-e offers a network of fast charging stations from 24 to 120 kW adapted to your daily needs


Stations-e offers an optimal network around its stations for all your mobile connectivity needs in urban and rural areas


Stations-e provides local services such as click & collect and car-sharing for an eco-responsible mobility

Carefree Charging!

Find a terminal with a power level adapted to your vehicle and according to your use, simply, without constraints
Average distance travelled
per week = 250 km

Would you like to see a station set up near you,
in your community or on your site open to the public?

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Stations-e network

Everywhere In France
Simple and effective
Organized and Connected

Ever increasing number of subscribers

Get up to 3 months free subscription until the 30th of June 2022

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Our ‘’No Commitment’’ offers

0,36€ /kWh

Pay with your credit card, QR-code payment and cards from other mobility operators



No contract


5€ / month

No contract

Public rates

All our rates are charged on the Stations-e terminals, except for roaming, as this depends on the tariff conditions of the other network operators. Please ask for information on this one to know the applied rate.

In order to encourage the rotation of vehicles on our stations, we charge for the time of post charge parking after 15 minutes.

  • AC stations: free of charge from 10pm to 8am,
  • AC & DC charging stations up to and including 30kW: 0.05 €TTC/minute,
  • AC & DC terminals from 30kW to 120kW included: 0.10 €TTC/minute.

Coming soon:
Local services

Car sharing

Mobility without commitment

Cross Subscription pack for more advantages

Last mile logistics

Shop from the comfort of your home and receive your products using the Click & Collect box on your Stations-e


The new meeting point to share your commitment to an eco-responsible mobility while optimising your travel costs

Become a member of the Stations-e community

The 1st national network of connected multi-service
electric stations with roaming services