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Making sustainable development an opportunity for economic growth in the territories

Facilitate the electromobility of your citizens

Improve the coverage and quality of digital networks

Create synergies and develop your local economy

Accelerate the energy transition and contribute to regional development with Stations-e by creating a seamless network of charging stations adapted to local needs.

Develop digital services with the deployment of a mobile broadband network, WiFi hotspots and satisfy the expectations of your citizens and businesses with new digital services.

Easily adopt all Smart City services

Promote the expansion of the local economy

through the provision of local services that  address last-mile delivery needs.

Stations-e welcomes your startups and companies in order to support innovation

Your territory at the heart of smart mobility with Stations-e

The massive uptake of electric vehicles requires the development of a network of fast charging stations in public spaces that is adapted to daily charging needs.

However, the limited size of the electric vehicle fleet, the constant evolution of electric mobility technologies and the high cost of infrastructures guaranteeing availability and quality of service are all obstacles to the financing of this type of project.

Until now, the progress in the deployment of charging stations has depended essentially on public money, or through various subsidies, which do not always allow for the development of a service adapted to daily use.

Local authorities are faced with a problem: how to meet the challenges of electric mobility and the expectations of the population while facing many constraints:

• Constrained, reduced or even frozen budgets
• Very diverse requests that are difficult to reconcile (mobile operators, wifi, fixed-line, car-sharing operators, various services)
• Limited resources to manage complex projects involving constant innovation
• New obligations linked to Master Plans that are difficult to prepare and implement

Stations-e provides a solution that allows the deployment of sustainable mobility stations without need for public funding. Its industrial model enables rapid deployments, with no exclusivity, and open to all types of users. As such, it acts as a unique long term partner, guaranteeing the service as well as the renewal of the technologies used, and facilitating new local services useful to the development of the local economy and employment in your area.

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