Wide-scale adoption of electric vehicles requires a developed network of charging stations, but the limited pool of EVs is an obstacle to investment in charging infrastructures.
Until now, the deployment of charging stations has relied essentially on public finances, through various state subsidies.

Municipalities are faced with a dilemma: how to meet the demands of mobility and the community’s expectations, despite significant limitations :

  • Budgets that are reduced or frozen from one year to the next
  • Increasing solicitations from stakeholders (mobile carriers, fixed network operators, wifi, car-sharing operators, other services…)
  • Limited resources within communities

Stations-e provides a solution, by allowing for the deployment of sustainable mobility stations without using public funds. The company’s industrial model also helps streamline and simplify communication procedures for municipalities. Stations-e acts as a single point of contact for trans-industry issues over time (telecom, electric charging, etc.), ensuring the perennity and renewal of these technologies…