All you need to know about charging points for electric cars: comparison and benefits

Chargement voiture éléctrique

As the adoption of electric cars continues to grow, so does the need for suitable charging infrastructure. There are several different types of charging point for electric cars, and it can sometimes be difficult to find your way around. In this article,

Stations-e takes a look at the different types of charging points available on the market.


Type 1 and 3

Type 1 socket

Ten years ago, the Type 1 plug was only available on a few charging points and a few electric vehicles. It has since become obsolete. Now replaced by the Type 2 socket, it is virtually impossible to find these days.

The Type 3 socket

Type 3 plugs were fitted to the first electric cars in the early 2010s. Like the Type 1 socket, it has been replaced by the Type 2 socket and is now obsolete.

Type 2: The Mennekes plug

The Mennekes socket, also known as the Type 2 electric vehicle charging socket, is a commonly used standard for AC charging of electric cars. Compatible with most electric car models in Europe, it offers a practical and safe recharging solution.


The cable can be single-phase or three-phase. What does this mean? If the cable is three-phase and connected to both a charging point and a car that are also three-phase, then charging can be up to three times faster. This is why we recommend that you carefully check the characteristics of your vehicle and the charging point you choose, in order to estimate the charging time correctly.


The Type 2 cable can be attached directly to the charging point. However, you will usually use the cable supplied with your vehicle. Lastly, this plug allows the vehicle to be fully recharged if it is left plugged in for several hours.

The CHAdeMO socket

The CHAdeMO plug was the first standard for DC charging of electric vehicles. Its technology made it possible to increase recharging power, which considerably reduced the time needed to recharge batteries. Very few new vehicles are now equipped with this connector, and fewer and fewer charging points are compatible with it. However, it is still available on the second-hand market.

The CCS Combo socket

The CCS Combo socket, also known as the Combined Charging System, is a versatile and widely adopted charging standard for electric vehicles. It combines both direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) charging in a single socket, offering extensive compatibility with different types of charging point. The CCS Combo plug offers fast charging times and high power, making it ideal for long journeys and urgent charging requirements. What’s more, it is becoming increasingly common in public charging stations, ensuring greater accessibility for electric vehicle drivers. If you’re looking for a versatile and widely compatible charging solution, the CCS Combo socket is an ideal choice for your electric charging needs.

The Tesla plug

The very first Tesla cars were fitted with a special plug that was compatible only with the manufacturer’s charging points. Although this plug is still widely used in the United States, it is now obsolete in Europe. Tesla vehicles have been compatible with the CCS plug for many years now.

Charging at Stations-e

At Stations-e we are committed to offering our users the very best in electric charging. To meet your varied needs, we offer a full range of charging sockets, including Type 2, Combo CCS and, at some of our stations, the CHAdeMO socket. By offering these options, we can guarantee you extensive compatibility with different electric car models and greater flexibility. Whether you need fast DC charging or versatile AC charging, our charging sockets allow you to charge your vehicle efficiently and with complete peace of mind. We are committed to providing comprehensive electric charging solutions tailored to the needs of every driver. In this way, we want to help promote sustainable, environmentally friendly mobility.

See you soon on the roads!